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Leather Bags & Jackets

Cleaning furs, leathers, and suedes to protect our customer's investment in their garments is one of our top concerns. We take precautions and use special processes to deliver optimum cleaning that virtually eliminates shrinkage, loss of color and fabric distortion.Keep rubbing the area until it is damp, but not soaked through.ou can use a store-bought leather bag cleaner, which often comes in a kit. You can also make your own by mixing a few drops of a mild soap with distilled water.Try to keep your stroking motions in line with the leather's grain.[1] This will help protect the integrity of the leather.Avoid speeding the process up with a hairdryer. If you are in a hurry, consider setting the bag down in front of a fan. Cool air will be less damaging to the bag than hot.Use a soft cloth to apply the moisturizer. Rub the moisturizer on using circular motions. The moisturizer will help keep the leather soft and supple. Do not substitute regular hand lotion, which can stain and degrade leather.