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"Once treated, cleaned, ironed, the linen owes be tidied up and protected. Certain number of precautions is to be taken if we do not wish to see its linen deteriorating. The specialists of the steam-pressings Beverly is there to advise you and to help you in the preservation of your guard winter dress during summer and summer during winter as well as furs during summer. The secret for a perfect preservation is to make undergo in clothes summer as to those of winter a complete cleaning, to iron them and tidy up them in appropriate protections. The steam-pressings Beverly made one of their specialties the preservation and the conservation of the integrity of the guards dress. We specialize in safely laundering all types of shirts . Our gentle process is easy on buttons, yet can remove the toughest collar and cuff stains. All our shirts are machine and hand ironed, or we also offer a completely hand ironed shirt. You may choose among light, medium, and heavy starch selections. Hanger shirts are packaged with collar supports and cuff shirts are individually tied with cuff studs. Our boxed shirts are individually wrapped in plastic for easy traveling or shelf storage.”